Onsite Training Solutions provide a number of qualifications through apprenticeship or traineeship pathways.  This mode of subsidised delivery requires workplace supervision and access to workplace resources.

By providing direct supervision and access to workplace resources, employers can be confident in the knowledge that training program participants are developing work skills that directly relate to the employers ongoing business.

Additional confidence in the quality of qualifications issued is also assured when employers are involved with the development, implementation and sign off of individual training plans and outcomes.

Onsite Training Solutions are delighted to work with employers to ensure adequate and current supervisory requirements are in place prior to the commencement of apprentices or trainees.  To do this all recruitment and training staff will assist with the preparation of employer resource assessments prior to apprentice or trainee enrolment. There are no employer costs associated with these assessments.

Onsite Training Solutions also fully supports employer involvement with other types of training, whether funded or not.    This may take the place of employer resource assessment, development of employer supervisory skills or simply direct or broad supervision of participants while undertaking their training program. These participant and employer support mechanisms are provided at no cost.